Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little Boxes, On the Hillside, Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky........

I made another one of these darling little boxes - I just love these. Here's the link for instructions if you want to make one. They are super easy and sooo cute!

This one uses the Stampin' Up DS Paper - Cerise. I think this is my favorite. I used my last 2 pieces to make this box - Jeni, I need more......

Here's a picture of Syd in her Manchester United kit - she wore it Sunday when they played Liverpool. Daddy was rooting for Liverpool.
Syd also had a HUGE FIRST last week - she used a fork and spoon all by herself for an entire meal! Her fine motor skills are really beginning to improve. Don't worry, we videotaped it - I'll post it as soon as we edit it. It has a lot of sittin' around waitin' moments.
She's doing so well lately - we are so proud of her!

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Anonymous said...

Kelly i just saw this about Syd.
I so glad for all of you.
I would love to see the video.
Take care.